Should you click on a link on this front page, please click on your back button on your browser. They have attacked my brain so badly that I couldn't modify links on the other pages."Making the paranormal normal since 2005!" Foot note for this website -The astral torture has been so incredibly bad. Nine years ago this bizarre, crazy, unknown thing happened to me and so I created this website. I created this site because I felt alone and had nowhere and no one to turn to. I wanted to be the person that took a stand and gave targeted individuals of the world a place to find out about what was happening to them and how to deal with it. I wanted to be the person/website that they could come to. Since then I've gotten a couple thousand emails from decent people asking me for help. That made my life even worse. Which strengthens my resolve, but my brain is not functioning properly. Even if I die these guys are a bunch of punks. Astral and psychotronic attacks have gotten so much worse. My life has been kinda ruined and there's a good possibility that I will be dead before the end of this year, 2014. I apologize for not upkeeping the site or responding as much to your emails. They want me dead. I'm not giving up and you should never give up. Thank you all for your support. I am grateful. I'm just one person. They can't defeat love or humanity. Keep the faith even if I'm gone. Much love, Sam... I also encourage you to download this site in case something happens to me.

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A Declaration Of War

Personal Requests For Amnesty

ELF Wave and EEG Entrainment - A Psychotronic Warfare Possibility

The 5 Available Harassment Technologies

Further Understanding Of Electronic Harassment And The Aforementioned Technologies

If You Are Hearing Voices Then Understand Inner Voice Target Tracking

Synthetic Telepathy, A 59 Page Document

Understanding Of Microwave Hearing

Learn About Citizens Corps

The Motivation For This Site The Electronic Monitoring and Harassment Defense Foundation. "Committed to defending American principles and values. And championing human rights around the world.

The new message board is here. We'll see if anything comes of it.

Know Your Rights!! Learn About The United States Bill of Rights!!!

Learn About The National Security Act Of 1947

Multi-Stalker Victims

Gang Stalking World

Gang Stalking Archive

The Hidden Evil

John Finch's Blog. A Good Man In The Fight Against These Tards

Another Victim's Mind Control Case Via Wordpress

H.A.A.R.P. And Mind Control

Targeted Individuals Canada

A Palm Springs Local News Story

On The Subject Of Psychic Self Defence

Radio - Coast To Coast AM's Archive On Shows About Electronic Harassment

My Interview In A Maximillien Delafayette Book

Mind Control Warriors Forum

My Own Discussion Forum - To Be Completed Soon!

Yuku's Mind Control Forum

Project Monarch by Ron Patten

Government Research into E.S.P. and Mind Control

Write senator Barbara Boxer, someone who is familiar with electronic harassment

Mind Control and Intelligence Services

You are not alone. You are not without power.


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Electronic harassment is a criminal activity and a violation of your rights as an American Citizen. If you are being harassed, threatened, terrorized, assaulted, and/or violated in these manors. Please contact the F.B.I. Click here to visit and click on the “Submit A Crime Tip” link.

you may click here to read my most recent letter to the FBI




This Is A Reduced Screenshot Of An Example Of What Some Of The Software Used In These Attacks Looks Like

(Thanks, Kevin!)


These Are Symbols They've Used In My Dreams When Attacking Me:


Disclaimer for the film underneath: There are some things stated that I do not necessarily agree with. For instance, I believe in God and am quite spiritual. But certain things both exopolitical and in the fields of technology I know for a fact exist. The majority of the film's content might be useful.

The film underneath is a companion video presentation by Fritz Springmeier. You can read the book by clicking here.

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