Listed below are ways to deal with electronic attacks, mind control, etc.


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Is there protection from Electronic Harassment?  YES

Types of Shielding and Protection:

  • 1.)You can relocate / move to another location.

  • 2.)Hills, mountains, caves, desert areas and large bodies of water are excellent protection from various forms of electronic harassment.

  • 3.)You can use Passive or Active shielding.

  • 4.)You can hire an agency or private company to locate the source of your alleged harassment.

Sometimes simply moving from your current location is the easiest method to stop the harassment.  If that does not work try testing areas with hills, mountains, etc... see if the symptoms improve.  If your symptoms do not improve you can try shielding.  Shielding is not cheap.  Passive shielding is more cost effective then active shielding.  Passive shielding is comprised of special metal plates, grids, bushings, cages and plane or earth grounding.  Active shielding is comprised of sophisticated electronic jammers, plasma grids, etc... which either jam, capture, redirect, distort or eliminate the harmful energy. 

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Additional Tips I've Been Told

1.) Sometimes, simply flying in an airplane at 33,000 feet can break the signal.

2.) An auditory specialist once told me that swimming underwater at a depth of 12 feet can also break the signal. (I will experiment with this soon and give you my results)

Virtual Hypnotist

Subliminal attacks are quite frequent and repetitive in nature. I found this useful freeware a while back as a way to counter those messages and empower myself. As a result, I am making it available to all of those in need. You can download Virtual Hypnotist by clicking right here!

This company sells the type of machines used in electronic harassment, as well as counter measures. You may peruse a list of their applicable merchandise by clicking right here!

While I'm not entirely certain of the effectiveness of every item, this company sells garments and other items that may disrupt and protect one from the signals that carry electronic harassment. You may access their site by clicking right here!

Same as You may access them by clicking right here!

Possible Useful Research Regarding Rotating Magnets For Disrupting Mind Control Effects

(courtesy, Dr. Ed Moore and John Mc Murtrey)

"You have to wade through a lot of unreferenced material on a mc theory
including thought reading, but another claim of rotating magnets disrupting
effects is at

The author John Mecca has written a book that I haven't read. He
believes Super Conducting Quantum Interferrence Devices are involved. I would say
that SQUIDs apparently are sensitive enough detect buried remains underground
and metal corrosion from just reading paper titles, but I haven't fully
investiged the possibility of their involvement, but as I also recall they are
involved in medical instrumentation."

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