The Perpetrators

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Who would want this job?

What is a Perpetrator?

A Perpetrator is anyone who has been trained to harass, torture, maim, and kill a Target, either by direct means, or by covert means including, electronic, biological, or "accidental" means.  Career perps make a good living dealing misery to hapless individuals.  Perps usually do not know the victim personally, but are supplied enough information to allow a well oiled campaign of gang stalking and harassment.

How may a perpetrator be identified?

Mostly by their actions. If the Perps are doing their job, they will reveal themselves.

Look for the following:

Irrational Hatred: Hatred of the Target for no rational reason. When pressed as to why they hate the Target, the Perp will give a really lame excuse like: "I don't like your luggage." Or something else just as stupid and illogical. The Perp is not going to tell the Target the real reason because they are being paid to hate the target. It is that particular Perp's job assignment to hate the Target. That is how they earn their paycheck.  This can be inconsequential unless that Perp happens to be married to the Target's best friend or a family member. The ultimate goal is to destroy the Target's relationship with that person and isolate the Target from friends and family. Eventually, this will work in most cases.

Hidden Agenda: Perps pretend to be going about doing ordinary things; however, careful observation will reveal a different agenda than most folks. Perps follow the Target into a place of business, then spend most of the time crowding the Target's space, and sometimes wind up doing very little business with the establishment. The Perp's follow the Target out the door and appear to leave. Observation sometimes reveals, they circle the block and come back, as that establishment is their assignment for a period of time that day.

Visage devoid of soul: The longer a perp has been in this vile business, the less human they become. This is especially true of those who have made this their life-long career. Career Perps are required to do evil to Targets everyday without feeling remorse. This is a job requirement and inevitably results in a hardened, cold face, lacking in compassion. Some of the Targets report this as being most helpful in early identification of Perps.

Secret Hand signs: Careful observation reveals the perps may use hand signs to communicate with each other. A sign that has been used repeatedly is bringing the had up to cover the nose and mouth, then back down again. It is made to look like the perp is scratching his nose but what it really means is: Heads up! The target is approaching and is right behind me.

Unnecessary Rudeness:  Perps will consistently engage in rude behavior directed toward the target.  "Street Theater", usually involving invasion of space, is a daily occurrence.  Every retail establishment, parking lot, post office, Doctor's office, has it's own assigned cadre of perps to do the dirty work.  Regardless of the time of day, perp gangs crowd in line at cash registers just ahead of the target and usually have a credit card that does not work, a price that needs to be checked, or simply engage the checker in endless conversation.  The result is a lot of wasted time.

Who are the Perpetrators?

1.  Perps who apply for the job:

Perps who apply are usually people who can't find a real job
They just don't have what it takes to succeed on their own. Perps don't have to be smart. Anyone can be a Perp and make easy money, all they have to do is:

a. Follow orders
b. Never admit the truth

This type of perp usually does not advance, but will, nonetheless; have job security for as long as the American people continue to believe that this kind of harassment is nothing but paranoid delusion reported by a few loonies.

2.  Perps who are recruited for the job:

Anyone can be recruited. Many people turn to the dark side and join this vast network of evil. Homeless people, rich people, retarded people, addicts, alcoholics, young, old, geniuses, morons, people of any profession, people of all faiths and persuasions. Anyone desiring a place in this dark madness may have one. The most disappointing and pathetic of all are the christians. There are a quite a lot of "pretend-a-christians"  involved in this conspiracy who have been tricked into joining. 

These Pretend-a-Christians attend more Perp meetings than Christian meetings and go about the day serving the dark side by heaping misery on Targeted Individuals. Convinced that Christians are god's chosen; and therefore, chosen to decide who is undesirable and who isn't and who will live and  who will die. How this is done is inconsequential. These type of Perps mean well but will continue to do evil until they truly find God.

  3.  Perps who enjoy sado-machostic activities:

This type of Perp has found Perpdom to be the fulfillment of a life long dream.  How else can anyone commit trespass, burglary, slander, vandalism, terrorism, drugging, rape, abduction, and even murder without being called to task?  This power hungry Perp enjoys inflicting pain on the target and feeds off their fear.  This Perp definitely has a life long career in perpdom and will advance far up the ladder to become part of the management team.

  4.  The disgruntled ex-husband or ex-boyfriend:

Increasing numbers of callers have indicated that their ex-husbands and ex-boyfriends are targeting them for breaking up with them.  Usually, the actual harassment is done by a group of thugs hired by the ex-boyfriend or ex-husband so he will not have to "get his hands dirty" or risk arrest for the illegal activities.  Reports of revenge for hire groups are increasing as more and more people become targeted.

How could anyone be "forced" into Perpdom?

Anyone can be tricked into joining in the torture of the Targets by the following means:

Lies: The newly recruited Perp is told the Target is a drug pusher, terrorist, homosexual, socialist, jew, muslim, Democrat, etc. It is easy to find out where the new Perp's "hot buttons" are and push them in order to motivate them to do things that may be against their moral beliefs. The information may not be conveyed directly, but rather inferred. Even so, this will work on a subliminal level until finally, in the Perp's mind, the Target is trash and therefore, does not deserve to live. Perps are brainwashed to believe "the end justifies the means", that is, some people will have to be done away with in order to make the world a better place for all to live. The message is "we know what is best for society and what kind of person deserves to live in the new world order." How this is done is inconsequential.

Co-ercion: Threats to the person or their family members, pets, or friends.  Usually this does not come in the form of a direct verbal threat.  Threats can be implied. The death of a pet, terrorist break-ins, street theater continually crowding the Targets space or implying threats. At least one really good person became real co-operative and joined this evil network after his daughter was involved in a suspicious car wreck. Seems the guy crossed two lanes of traffic to hit her. Perps are also able to infiltrate and cause on the job harassment, sabotage of work, loss of job, and blacklisting so that regardless of the qualifications, the Target cannot find employment.

Either-OR: These Perps usually start out as informants, and advance into street theater if they can stay out of trouble. That is why some of the Perps appear to have been drug addicts with no history of legal employment. Recruiters have found a gold mine in the mandatory sentencing laws for minor drug offenses. Of course, these involuntary Perps will never be free.  They will serve a lifetime of perpdom because anyone who tries to leave, will meet with an "accident" or die of "natural causes."

Who would want this job?

Perps are often recruited from broken Targets who finally just give up after months or years of harassment and veiled threats to their family and friends. Usually, the Target cannot hold a job due to continual Perpetrator influence; ie, infiltration of the job site, sabotage, continual vandalization of the Target's mode of transportation, etc.  It is easier to join evil than to resist.  Eventually, for some perps, evil becomes fun, a high, and they are turned forever to the dark side. 

Why would anyone want to be a perpetrator?

Most new Perps are in it for the money and training for a new career. They have a sense of belonging to an elite group, privy to information that others do not have. They may be told they are ridding the world of "undesirables" (people with unconventional attitudes).  As they work their way from informant to orchestrator, Perps become privy to more and more information.  They are carefully groomed and hardened so that as they inflict more and more pain on the Targeted Individuals, they feel no remorse.  Perps are convinced Targets are just dumb smucks who don't deserve to live anyway.

No doubt there are many perps who think they can avoid becoming a target if they co-operate and join the ranks of the secret gangs trained in this line of work.  What they don't know is that we are getting an increasing number of calls from survivors who have observed some of the perps are targets themselves.  Looks like some of the perps are becoming aware that joining the evil will not protect them from becoming a target.

Perps are trained not to question why someone is undesirable, only to follow orders and observe the rules of secrecy. Therefore, it does not matter what kind of person the Perp is asked to target, the Perp is to obey without question.

Perps are trained in street theater, and become informants, then agent provocateurs, then move up to orchestrator.  The longer a Perp has been in the program, the less conscience and humanity the Perp will retain.  Long time Perps are usually easy to identify.  The daily schedule of continous evil doing eventually leaves them with a visage devoid of soul.

Convinced they are part of an elite group whose destiny it is to shape the world into what they have been brainwashed to believe is a better place, Perpetrators are willing to do anything for the cause.  Even murder, so long as they can't be caught.  This is easily accomplished with Directed Energy Weapons.  These devices can be directed to single out one person, causing sleep depravation and permanent damage to the body.  Eventually the Target dies, apparently from natural causes.  The perfect crime has been committed.  No one really knows how many victims the Perps have killed because most Doctors cannot recognize the symptoms of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)


Additional PERP Information

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ke ill fated decisions, like getting in an accident, or getIST OF ARGUMENTS:










Perps tend to capitalize on this argument, with mostly religious part of population. They at times, make a person to believe on their divinity and later ask the person to take ill fated decesions. If PERPS are claiming themselves to be angles of god, then ask them for more proofs. For example, put life back into a dead insect, or bring a dead person to life. Also, remember, we can do whatever they can, if we have the machines they have.

If in your vicinity, you see a person going too deep in divinity, then tell them about Voice To Skull Technology. Also, take them to a cave at least 300 feet in depth in all directions. PERPS seems not to be present at that depth.


PERPS want to make people suicidal. Many people that I have come across have reported being tortured in a manner that made them suicidal at times. Like, going through a devorce, loss of a loved one, professional failure, the list goes on and on. PERPS tend to make conditions that may lead the way for suicidal thoughts. Simply tell PERPS there is no need to commit suicide, all living being naturally die at a point, I and all will anturally demise at a point, till then I will try to be productive part of society, have kids to raise or adopt to raise them to become good members of society.

Also, tell your PERPS, why wont they apply the same on themselves. What applies on us, applies on them as well.

Remember we all are humans, with about 80 to 90 years of life expectancy. We all must work towards increasing it, then reducing it, to see maximum number of generations getting good advices from us.

Also, remember a persons problems starts after they die, rather then before. If you are alive then you can take actions to fix your issues with spouse, children,. or others around you. If we are to die unexpectedly, before reaching the maximum life expectancy we are just leaving people around us with unresolved issues. For instance, a kid in college may be counting on your support. Suicide is nonsense.


In anger, people only make illogical decisions. Therefore suppressing anger is good, rather then allowing anger to take the best of you. However, saying others what you want and what you don't like is another thing, and must be done. For instance, if you don't like an article on this site, then inform me about it in an e-mail. Then I will give you justification as to why I write, what I write, to clear the argument, rather then to take the grudge out on me or anyone else in form or violence.

If you don't like what someone else is doing, then say it and discuss it, rather then to allow the best of you to be taken over by anger. Only illogical decisions are made in anger. Laughter is the best medicine.

Argue with your PERPS that this mind control is not working. People detect it, its possible to see their rays in a high speed digital camera. They must stop their operations at once. Tell PERPS not to get angry about it, but think over logically. Its only a matter of time, before some country will put attention to this, and bring an abrupt end to their objectives, leading some of them in jail, others to their deaths.

Also, tell PERPS what they are trying to do, will take generations worth of work. They wont be able to infer control in the manner that they are trying to impose easily. As a matter of fact, according to me they are not, and will never be successful.


PERP’s argument goes that people should remain illiterate, because they will make at time more money then those who are literate. Consider this, look at the economy, there are products out there right? Who made them? The educated ones. Like medicines, metal, electrical, and what not. If they are not made then there wont be much to sell. Also, the equipment that makes products, who designs them? Engineers, else those who use educated skills are more likely to succeed then those who don’t. As a mater of fact people with knowledge are more likely to succeed. Take the case of farming, if a farmer is using genetic cross, then he or she is more likely to grow large crops as compared to the one who don’t.

Therefore our conclusion is that getting educated is necessary for survival. Even if someone is not to get the exact job as there educational skills are, even then they can start there own business or apply there skill elsewhere to make a living, or give a good idea or a product that will be beneficial for people and environment.


PERPS ponder on this argument a lot. If everyone is to own there own business then wealth will distribute more evenly among people. PERPS don’t want that, they want only a few to become very wealthy and others remain subservient. Also this will reduce opportunities for many people. The fewer the businesses, the fewer will be the jobs, hence, more people will be poverty driven. Which in turn means, more manipulation by PERPS.


PERPS may ponder on this argument a lot. A thought may come asking a person that why should he or she not care for there elders, when there are young ones to care for? Perps ponder on stuff like this a lot. The reason is that they want people to become immoral. However, a quick and good answer to teach to your kids and others is to say that if we are not to care for our elders, then first of all it is not moral, second, the average life expectancy will reduce, since people will not be carrying for elders, no new medicines will be made to fight the aging process to enhance our own and everyone else’s life.


PERPS at times claim to have implanted microchips to control people. This, according to me, is not true. Their control is only through plasma waves that show up as orbs in photo graphs or night vision cameras. PERPS do this for two reasons, First is to lower the self-esteem of a person down, a person began to think, what is my life, machines down out control me. Second, and more profoundly their objective becomes to make the person claiming manipulation look like a liar. For instance, say a person, being manipulated, goes to the court, now if the person claims Microchips as means of manipulation, then the court will order a MRI Scan, guess what they will find? Nothing, hence the court will dismiss this as a lie or may classify the person as mentally sick. This is also done to divert the accusation from the actual means of manipulation, which are plasma waves. Read Attachment 1  to explain why PERPS are not Microchips.


For many of us, targets, the question that why are we still alive? creates an immediate conclusion that we must be an experimentation. PERPS tend to show this in this manner too to a lot of people. According to me, we are not experimental subjects, but are real time targets. Although we are aware of them and are harmful to PERPS since we are spreading the word against them. Then why are we being kept alive? A close look shows that PERPS can make us become part of a crime or an accident. Specially those not taking enough precautions. Consider the following arguments, explaining why are we not experiments, and why PERPS are putting up with our activities.

1) Killing us makes manipulation of others more difficult.

        Ask yourself this question, what if someone who mentioned mind control to you a couple of years ago, is now dead, say accident or homicide? Your immediate conclusion would be that PERPS may have been involved in this person's death as he was spreading word against them. This conclusion is sure to led to fear. Now imagine getting manipulated to do all the wrong things that PERPS want people to do. Put it simply you will see death or jail sentence on this side and death by following a path against PERPS. Which will you choose? Knowing that future generations are at risk too, I and many many others will choose to go against PERPS. If we are to realize that by going against PERPS means death, then we will be more vigilant in our actions. The theory behind mind control is to manipulate people to control them, not to kill. If PERPS want to just kill people then there are more cost affective ways to go by that. 

2) Killing those who are aware, will increase Homicide.

Next, if people are getting killed as soon as becoming aware of targeting then PERPS will have to kill many people again and again. Hence, Homicide will increase. This will cause an alarm among public and safety measures will increase, therefore reducing deaths, and therefore making it more difficult for PERPS to kill people. If PERPS wish to keep killing people at a slower pace, then they have to slow their manipulation down. For instance, how many to manipulate at a given time. This will cause PERPS to achieve their objectives over several generation time. Who would want that.

        Therefore to keep people, like us, at bay, and to ease the manipulation of others, PERPS tend to keep away from killing a lot of us. But remember, they have and will kill many of us. I will advise to make it as difficult as you can for the PERPS to kill us. As soon as a person becomes aware, they should tell others, first to put an end to this, second for their own and others safety.

3) The speed at which we are spreading the word related to mind control is faster then PERPS being able to manipulate.

        With computers, internet, fast media access, we are spreading the word related to mind control faster then PERPs can manipulate to stop this from happening. This is one reason why we are successful in spreading it so fast. Remember affectiveness will still take years. PERPS seems not to be going anywhere any time soon. Just by telling others, we are assuring that once PERPS will make other targets, then new targets and more likely to become aware of them faster, and will know where help is. This leads to a chain reaction, where we increase in numbers faster then what PERPS can kill.




Consider the following arguments.

Nano Technology:

First of all what is Nano Technology? Say Intel says they have 0.13 Micron processor, this means that the size of the transistor gates are that size,
not the whole chip, therefore more transistors would fit in an average size chip, giving it a performance boost. The smallest one now is a 65 manometer
technology, which means the size of transistor is that size. Consider this, the an average virus is about 100 Manometers. But that is not a chip, just
the transistor in it. A transistor on its own is capable of doing no vital function. One have to put thousands of transistors to give it any functionality.,

The above is the link to Intel site explaining what nano technology is. What is going around in our case is just nano, and people are thinking that the
chips are so small so small that they can be either ingested, or injection.

Consider the following,

Lets say, the chip in question is about the size of this dot (.), even though the size of this chip would not have so may functionality as those
are needed in our case.

Means of Transfusion.

1) Oral, means through digestive track. This is not possible, since the smallest particles that get digested are usually the size of amino acids,
which are far far smaller then the dot, and even small then viruses. Even a lot of viruses don’t have transdermal or oral infection, they have to go
through an open wound in stomach or on the skin. Looking at this, we can say that even the transistors are not crossing the dermal or the oral barrier.
Even if we are to say that they are, even then what will a tiny transistor do? A macrophage will probably engulf nothing, these are part of
immune system. Or may get excreted, even if they are to bind to some cells on the surface, then the transistor alone is capable of doing nothing. Also
remember that the level at which we are talking is very very small. For instance an average amino acid is just about 4 or 5 "Atoms" or certain
elements. According to attaching to the cells model, we have to say that the chips are rather working as chemicals that promote a change. Like hormones do. Then we have to supply constantly, and regulate the uptake of chips to give us emotions. This is the same thing as taking a pill to get angry. For instance if PERPS are to make us angry then they will have to inject certain amount of chips in our body. Imagine that? When you get angry, due to perps, do you remember PERPS coming up to you and asking you to take a pill? so you can get angry? No.... Therefore, oral and transdermal will be excluded, because it have to be. Always think in terms of human physiology, PERPS are very good at making an
impossibility a possibility, just to put people off the track.

2) The second and slightly more sensible is the injection of chips about the size of a dot ,or close by, into our bodies to accomplish certain task.
Consider this, After the injection, how do the chips know where to go? and stick to what cells? Say they are injected into blood, do you know, an
impurity even the size of a dot can get stuck in arteries or veins and give us a heart attack? To get to the cells or place where they will attach
themselves, they have to go through the capillaries to get to the cells interstitial fluid ( This is the fluid space between cells ). Put it this
way, even a dot (.) wont fit there, as a matter of fact will get stuck in capillaries. Say they are inserted at specific points where they have to stay. Say a
dot (.) got inserted through an injection, say it is designed to attach it self to a cell or several cells clumped together. Now consider this, first
of all a communication method need to exist for the controllers to intern control the chip, so first of all a wave have to be present in this case.
Second, how would the chip communicate back with the controllers? This would require the chip to have a mechanism to either use body's energy or use its own. We will exclude its own power since that will require a cell, now imagine a cell carrying a charge? Try to fit that into the dot. Also, the
power will run out after a short duration, since smaller the matter the smaller charge it will hold. So now replace the chip to replace the battery.
Imagine the huge task of not only controlling us, but going door to door and injection people???? Now consider this, if new chips are inserted with will
happen to the old ones already there? Lets say they get digested? So we will see anomalies in urine or stool samples... Do we see any? No, not me.
Imagine taking the chip out? Now consider this, all the house flies, all birds, all smallest of insect having smallest of Central nervous system have
to be injected, not fed, but injected.. Imagine the task involved. Some of the insects that react to PERPS are small organism like fleas, just about
the size of the dot itself. Now imagine the powering mechanism to be through the harnessing of human electrical potential? Now there will be a mechanism to utilize that, and our chip will have to increase its size. Means, now surgery will be needed, which is discussed below. Also an important factor in considering the size of the chips is matter itself. For instance, a chip must have elements, atoms etc, and for them to function in predictable ways they must if aligned in certain manner to accomplish, what they are designed to.

3) The third option would be to surgically insert chips. Imagine a long long operation to accomplish that. Surgical scars? Infections, time to
accomplish.. and now what about insects? There are insects with very small life span, are they replacing insects at that rate? What about other
animals? In this way we will have to say that all beings on this planet are inserted with chips.. This is a huge task.. if one is to put population the
size of china, even then it will take years to accomplish, remember oral and dermal have been excluded, by virtue of physiology. And then maintenance, very little offspring gets a chip too, a constant maintenance. We would be seeing a lot of people doing this 24 / 7. They will be spotted easily, have you seen anyone catching a dog and inserting a chip? or injecting a dog with something? This view would be very very common place.
Hence, I am sure there are no chips. This is just PERPS manipulation to make us look like liars. If anyone is to really look into us, then they will find what? Nothing... And our claim will be wasted.

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